After Corona, 5 keys to improving productivity and adapting to labor market variables

After Corona, 5 keys to improving productivity and adapting to labor market variables
The Corona pandemic has forced companies to rediscover themselves, and it is expected that we will see drastic changes in the labor market in the coming period.
A report by the Spanish site Equus e Talento says that the measures imposed by the Corona pandemic in recent months have had significant impacts on companies, and that the trend towards adapting to developments is imposing new challenges that must be dealt with successfully to improve productivity and continue to achieve growth.
The site pointed out that most companies and employees are betting on working remotely, even after opening the economy and easing the closure procedures.
According to a survey by Bain & Company, a business consulting firm, 68% of employees in Spain were able to perform their tasks remotely with better productivity, which means that office work is no longer synonymous with increased productivity.
Below, the multinational company Sodexo lists the most important keys to adapt to labor market variables after the Corona crisis.

Distance working

After the success of the remote work experience during the last period, many employees do not want to return to the office, or at least they do not want to permanently resume work from the office.
According to the Adecco survey of temporary employment, 77% of employees want to combine remote work with work on the company's headquarters. In this way, employees will be able to reconcile more personal and work life, and avoid constant commuting to the workplace.

Four days a week

Having more free time is one of the factors that keep employees returning to their jobs more actively and with better productivity. For this, organizations should bet on the four-day work week rather than the five.
According to a survey by the Henley Business School, 77% of employees believe that their lives would be better if they worked four days a week.
And the work culture must change in a way that gives priority to achieving goals rather than focusing on the number of working hours.

Reliance on digitization

Technology has played a decisive role in saving troubled enterprises during the last period, and companies are moving more and more towards adopting digitalization, and this is expected to continue in the near future.
This will bring about major changes to the work environment, and employees will have to acquire new skills and quickly adapt to modern digital tools.

Enhancing communication with employees

With the combination of working in the office and working remotely, communication with employees becomes much more important than before.
Therefore, employees should be informed of the latest developments in the company regardless of where they perform their duties, and it is necessary to adopt a successful internal communication strategy to enhance the company's growth and stimulate productivity.

Network connection disconnected

According to the Spanish site Equus e Talento, statistics indicate that Spaniards work an average of two more hours per day when doing work online from home.
Therefore, it is necessary to disconnect the network connection upon completion of work or the completion of a specific task, otherwise the consequences will be dire for the company and the employee, as the constant connection to the Internet causes stress in the long run and negatively affects productivity.

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