And they are the quick win over the internet .. falling into the "drop shipping" trap

And they are the quick win over the internet .. falling into the "drop shipping" trap
If you do not know much about the term "Dropshipping", then its ads may follow you, as it is what some consider the ideal recipe for gaining wealth, because it allows opening a global store without cost, without importing goods and managing inventory, which gives huge profit and easily, However, it is not much different from the "egg chicken" promised by many sites and YouTube users, according to the French newspaper Le Monde.
Selling what is not owned by 
"drop shipping" A term that means selling products that you do not already own, but you will not have to store or package them or ship them, as the seller becomes just a middleman managing the sale process between the original supplier and the buyer. 
Simply you can buy an inexpensive product from a Chinese site, and you display an advertisement for it on huge sites such as Amazon and eBay at double its price, and as soon as its value reaches you directly, you record consumer data to ship the product to him.
This mode of selling -
 which promises to create a commercial empire from home - appears to be far less profitable than its emperors declare, although the principle on which it is based is completely legal and removes some of the risk in the commercial chain.
In practice, this term mainly refers -
 according to the newspaper - to online stores that sell products purchased from Chinese export giants and deliver them directly to customers in Europe, the United States, Brazil, Canada, or others.
Thousands of these stores appear every year, launched by Internet users who drool because of the profit margin that this trade promises, as three euros worth of tools purchased from China can be sold for thirty euros, according to the newspaper.
But like all recipes for quick wealth gain, this system hides multiple problems, not only because it is a source of fraud, but because some stores practice deception regarding customs duties or misleading advertisements, but for sellers it is also far from being rosy.

Dream Profits
says Jean-Baptiste Boiseau of Signal Arnac, which tells the stories of clients who consider themselves deluded; “It is a double-sided scam”, whereby consumers are deceived who obtain a product and after-sale service that does not meet their aspirations, and “drop shipping” practitioners who expect that they will get something are deceived, but the real winners are the intermediaries who allow the creation of a merchant site Within minutes like Shopify and Facebook, people are selling training on this kind of trade. " 
The newspaper said that "drop shipping" is a difficult market, in which hundreds of websites compete, some of which are owned by people who do not have business training, and often sell the same products at similar prices, noting that going into this field is almost impossible for an individual.
American "Cody" went through the experiment, and soon realized that nothing was easy. "After starting my shop, I made some sales in the first week, but I didn't have enough data to do targeted ads on Facebook," he tells Le Monde newspaper. He added, "I sold a lamp for seventy dollars in the hope of winning thirty dollars, but my client was in Canada and the freight cost me 25 dollars, so I only earned five dollars."
To these risks are added fees that can accumulate quickly, including the subscription, which is almost necessary with the world leader Shopify in the sites of "ready-made" stores, which is the best option, and the most famous, according to the newspaper.
The newspaper said that the subscription costs thirty dollars a month, in addition to a commission of 2% on sales, in exchange for hosting the site, managing payment systems and various services provided by Shopify.
False comments.

Le Monde newspaper tested this service for the purposes of this report. In less than half an hour, it was able to establish an anonymous store on the Internet - and later canceled its activity - to sell "Hubert Buff Merry" neckties, and bought the tie sold for less than 2 euros in China at a price One hundred euros.

The newspaper asked: Is Shopify pay for crime? The well-known site allows the  existence of tools that "import" the comments provided on the "Ali Express" website, which delude the consumer that the newly created pages have many customers..
Until 2018, it made available a tool to display wrong purchase notifications, such as "someone in Marseille bought the product you're looking for", and it has since been removed, but it can still be installed with some basic technical knowledge..

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