Blogging and Freelancing ... Your Way to Profit Online

Blogging and Freelancing ... Your Way to Profit Online
At the present time; The Internet penetrated deeply into all jobs and workplaces of all fields and diversity, transforming huge numbers of jobs and restructuring them; To become dependent primarily on him and on digital technology. With the passage of time and continuous development, the Internet in itself has become a very important means of monetizing a wide network of users. During the year before last 2015; There was one out of every 4 Americans who earn a material income through the Internet, according to the Pew Center for Research and Studies in Washington. ( 1 ) 
Also, a survey conducted by the center indicated that a large class of permanent internet users use it to create side job opportunities for their jobs; Where the respondents to the survey explained that they gained material income via the Internet by doing different and disparate businesses; From filling out surveys and questionnaires to freelancing. ( 2 ) So in this section we will start by presenting the first two methods and the most important ones; As it is possible to achieve financial profit through the Internet; 
Self-employment (freelance)
Freelancing is the absolute best way to make money online. Currently, independent work is living its brightest times in the world, specifically in the United States of America, India and the countries of the European Union, despite the fact that it is still in the process of maturity and growth in the Arab world. In our time, the development and prosperity of self-employment is matched only by the increase in the number of new independents who resort to starting their businesses independently, away from the cynicism of managers and the control of capital and company owners. It is possible to identify all the advantages that independent work has that its traditional counterpart lacks, in addition to all the motivations that motivate the owners of companies and projects to work with freelancers through our report; How did "freelance work" become a competitive job?
The figures confirm - conclusively - the extent of the development of independent work and the increase in the network of its workers, in the United States of America and during the year 2014 the proportion of independently employed about 54 million people out of the total American workforce, making a profit from their work estimated at about 715 billion dollars, and is expected to grow The percentage of independents to make up half of the American workforce (more than 80 million freelancers) during the next three years. 3 ) India also ranks second after the United States of America in having the second largest number of independents in the world. As the number of independent Indians was estimated at 15 million independents during the past year 2016. These independents account for about 40% of the total independent jobs available around the world, which confirms the extent of the development and prosperity of self-employment at the global level, as well as the extent of the dominance of independent Indians On a wide network of freelance businesses. (4 ) 
In Europe, the percentage of independents was estimated at about 8 million and 900 thousand people in 2013. In the same year; The most important areas that freelancers work in are: Writing articles and reports, then creating content and translation into English, as well as graphic design and programming, in addition to creative writing. 5 ) While in the past year; The areas in greatest demand from freelancers in India were; Distributed computing and systems , marketing content and graphic design, as well as digital online marketing, programming and algorithm design, as well as social media marketing and game development. 6 )
Of course, the previous paragraph makes clear that the fields of self-employment are very diverse and disparate. Therefore, let us agree that any service or digital work that can be done and presented to the customer via the Internet - without the need to meet with him - can be an area of ​​independent work. The most popular and sought-after areas of freelance work can be found in more detail in our report; What are the self-employment majors that you can work in? It elaborates on programming and development, information technology, graphic design, writing and content creation, in addition to translation, marketing and sales. 7 )
right Now; You are familiar with all the details about independent work, from its features, prosperity and development to its most important and popular fields. And here you are supposed to have formed a complete and detailed board about the field that you are proficient and would like to work in, so the role comes to how to apply and start working. And since the work will be done - in its entirety - through the Internet; There must be incubating platforms for both parties (business owners or projects, and independents or workers). These platforms are known as freelance platforms, and their function is to be a mediator who monitors the movement of work, provides support and resolves disputes between the two parties in exchange for a small profit rate that varies from one platform to another. Details of the most important incubator spaces for entrepreneurs and freelancers can be found in our report. A comprehensive guide .. Learn about the most important freelance platforms. So .. what next?
It is imperative to add the appropriate job title to your skills that you possess, and should not be overlooked - in any way - to adding a brief overview of you. It is your opportunity to introduce and market yourself to your potential customers

You have come a long way now in familiarity with all the details of your new business. At this stage, your main task is to choose a specific platform to devote all of your energy and time to building an integrated profile. If you want to start your business with business owners from the Arab world; The best option in this case is a " standalone " platform If you do not prefer that, Your best option is the " App Work " platform After choosing the right platform for you; Start by logging into the site, create your profile step by step, with intense focus and intense interest; Because this profile is your only gateway to this vast world that is characterized by a high degree of competition among its workers, and the most distinguished, creative, and mastery of its tasks will remain in it without favoritism from anyone. There are some notes and points that you should pay close attention to while creating your profile; 8 )

- Do not overlook your profile link with all your personal accounts on the Internet; Because linking all your accounts will enhance your chances of getting the right jobs for you, and build a good reputation for you through your constant presence on the Internet. You can add social media accounts such as; LinkedIn , Facebook and Twitter . As well as your profile that contains your previous business models such as Behance for graphic designers or photographers.
- It is preferred to add your personal photo in your file, and it is preferable to have a professional, friendly and high-quality photo.

- It is imperative to add the appropriate job title to your skills that you possess, and it should not be overlooked - in any way - to add a brief overview of you. It is your opportunity to introduce and market yourself to your potential customers in a few words, by highlighting the unique skills that you possess and through which you can accomplish the work required of you with extreme precision.
It is imperative that the skills you master well be mentioned; Where it is best to focus on only one major if you are proficient in working in two different fields. It is also necessary to highlight the languages ​​that you know if you have more than one language, in addition to specifying your level of experience in the field of specialization in which you will work.

right Now; After you finish building your profile, you can go to the section devoted to freelancers and start searching for projects that are compatible with your field of specialization. Do not bother yourself to read work projects that are not related to your skills and field of specialization, and never apply to them. Do not rush to apply in any project without fully verifying all the details presented in the project, it is necessary to read the offers carefully and understand each task or service that the project owner wants. Then choose the offers that are right for you; And start submitting your offer and await the response from the business owner to start working on the project. You must also adhere to the deadlines for each assignment, and do not overlook the evaluation request from every client you work with, as a good evaluation increases your credibility and enhances the chances of getting other job offers.

The number of blogs available on the Internet is increasing tremendously, during the year 2013 the number of blogs on the Internet was about 316 million and 900 thousand blogs, while this number was 278 million and 700 thousand blogs during 2012, which means that the increase in the number of blogs during One year it reached 38 million and 200 thousand blogs. Blogging is considered a very important thing on many levels, in addition to sharing experiences and experiences, spreading awareness and knowledge, especially enriching Arabic content on the Web, but it may be a good way to achieve material income. We are well aware that the number of blogs on the Internet has reached - today - an incalculable number. Thus, if you are planning to start the blogging process, you need to focus carefully so that you can provide something good that lasts and can survive with the huge number of blogs out there.  ( 9 )
Therefore, before starting any step, it is necessary to think carefully about what your blog will be like, what topics it will cover, and how you expect the reader to know it. Topics vary around which you can start blogging about, but it is always better to blog and write about something you are passionate about, and have a fair amount of knowledge and familiarity. And because most bloggers blog for fun - in the first place - it is imperative to choose the things that you like - and are even good at - writing about. The blog could be: A personal blog in which to deal with personal experiences and experiences, or a blog about travel, or even about cooking, or a blog specializing in the scientific or cultural fields or even artistic and philosophical, or anything else you are good at writing about and think that the public may be interested in it. 10 )

The second step - after determining the field in which you will blog and write about - is to choose the appropriate platform through which to create your blog; There are many platforms - free and not free - that enable users to create their own blogs in a short period of time. But the secret lies in choosing the right platform that suits your needs, and most bloggers agree that the best of those platforms is Word Press ; This is in the case if you are seeking to go deeper than blogging, such as creating your own brand, such as creating a specialized website for content on the Internet. This is because the WordPress platform has many options; Where the platform offers your blog hosting service for free, or run it by purchasing the blog's domain name , the possibility of additional storage and many other features. 11 )

Some bloggers interested in networks of social networking is also preferred to use Templar (platform Tumblr Tags ) , which is characterized by being a platform dedicated micro - blogging with all components and features integrated social networking, in addition to being free and easy to use. Despite this, the platforms available for creating blogs are not limited to the two previous platforms only, there are many platforms that enable users to do so, such as: ( 12 )
  • -  WordPress platform
  • -  Blogger platform
  • -  Templar platform
  • -  Medem platform
  • -  Joomla Platform
  • -  The Webley platform
right Now; You are with me in full swing. After determining what content you will provide through your blog, after choosing the appropriate blogging platform, and starting to create your own blog, then presenting the appropriate blog content and reaching a network of readers and continuing to expand and increase it. We come to the other part; Is it how to achieve financial income through this blog? The answer lies in one word: ads; It is the easiest and best way to make money blogging.
There are two types of ads: The first is direct ads, when your blog reaches a large network of users, you will have a good number of daily visits to the blog, in this case the blog will be the focus of attention of some people or companies and are looking to advertise their products through your blog, and that In exchange for a percentage of the profits or income to be agreed upon between you. Live ads can be a little more difficult to get than indirect ads; In which a partnership is established with a network of third-party advertising networks such as; Google Adsense , Otberin and Tabula , in order to display their ads through your blog to reach your network of users, in this case also it is imperative that the blog attracts a large number of visits so that you can achieve good profits by following this method. ( 13 )

It is also possible to obtain material profits - also - through the use of your blog in commission marketing, by marketing the services and products of different companies and obtaining a commission for that, and the easiest example of this is the commission marketing programs with the online store, and you can see the system And how to subscribe to it from here .

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