How to earn from the Internet without followers? Sites that give you monthly bonuses

How to earn from the Internet without followers? Sites that give you monthly bonuses
Mary Aaron
Many internet users spend long hours in the virtual world, some of them make money through YouTube or Instagram channels and the other is silently following, some may feel that it is difficult to make money by increasing the number of followers, and producing regular content from videos and topics in order to attract more From subscribers.
But there are many means that enable you to make money through the Internet, from browsing to playing some games, money is available for the searcher and the browser and even for those who like to watch movies and videos, all you have to do is register on one of the profit sites and applications through your daily use rate.
browsing and searching
Microsoft is striving to compete with Google in various ways, but what is new is the Microsoft rewards system, which allows users to register via BING Reward Bing Reward or Bing Rewards, to start the journey of browsing and searching in exchange for Microsoft points, one point for every two searches.

By collecting the points, they can be exchanged for a gift card with a financial value ranging in the first level between five dollars and 25 dollars per month, while professionals in advanced levels of use may reach 100 dollars per month, and you can buy with it from many Internet stores such as Amazon, video games, and others. Microsoft's Rewards Program registration page is the easiest way to do what you love in exchange for rewards.
All types of e-mail have a special section for junk mail, Spam or Junk. You also consider it junk, but in fact some companies care deeply about these messages and pay e-gift packages for them.
This function is known as Mail Decoy, and the Decoy is the bait used to attract fish to fall into the fisherman's nets. These companies use that mail in marketing statistics to analyze some factors related to electronic marketing, and the most famous and surest of these centers is SBK SBK.
It is possible to communicate with many companies, but you must first ensure their credibility by searching for the opinions of their clients first, and these companies give you money and do not ask for any financial payments, and once you fill out the profile, you agree to participate in the study of their market research.
Demographic survey applications
We hear many information and discussions that revolve around violating our privacy. The use of our data in marketing and advertising plans, and sometimes it reaches electoral advertising. These applications do all of this with your knowledge and for a financial fee, in order to use your data and link it to the research that you do on search engines, and link it to what Clients want it in those companies.

Opinion Polls
Companies related to marketing research are racing to reach the closest opinions of customers on the ground, and the shortest of these methods are opinion polls, as Google and some companies provide outlets for companies and researchers to collect opinion polls with a financial return to know the opinions of a specific segment, whether age or geographical.

These surveys are available on Google Survey and Inboxdollar, which provides many services for a fee or other reward package, and the fee varies between $ 10 and $ 100 per month, depending on the amount of offered surveys determined by considerations of age, color, marital status, and many carefully placed classifications. 
And in order to get paid for spending hours browsing the Internet, it will only take you a few minutes to change some applications and the main browser, in addition to some sites and applications that pay you money for what you do daily for free.

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