Mukbang - eat what viewers ask and win $ 10,000

Mukbang - eat what viewers ask and win $ 10,000
Nagwan Ahmed-Washington
While you are trying to calculate the calories in your meal to maintain your weight, one of them sits in front of his phone camera to eat huge quantities of food containing 20 thousand calories, and he enjoys the taste of various delicious dishes for hours, as millions watch him, until he is ready on all the items in front of him, here ends The video and you profit from watching it, this is called the culture of "Muk-bang", which means in the Korean language a mixture of the words broadcast and food.
Live dining shows began in South Korea in 2009 and 2010, which needed high-speed internet, to provide live broadcasts for hours on end in chat rooms with limited followers.
And the culture of "mokbang" began to spread in South Korea during the economic recession, and it attracted many companies and sponsors to advertise their products through the live broadcast of eating, which is not comparable to the cost of presenting famous reality programs on television, and it is sufficient for you to sit in your house in front of your phone camera to move A dining experience without uttering a word.
And AfreecaTV was the first to give Korean youths the opportunity to broadcast their videos over the Internet. It is not only dedicated to mokbang, but it has become the most popular show on it.
The way to win 10 thousand dollars a month
It may seem normal when compared to live broadcasts of YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram, but in that parallel world, profit-making methods may differ, as well as ads and sponsors for the owners of these offers, so the viewer also pays in virtual currency the value of the offer he prefers, and all that is on The viewer has to request the items he wants to watch dealt with in the live broadcast, and this request is converted from a virtual currency called "star balloons" into real money, through the AfreecaTV platform, noting that the latter gets a commission of 30-40% of the value of the mock bidder's profits. Pang.
Celebrity "Mokbang " Banzz is one of the most famous faces in the world of "Mookbang", and the number of his followers is more than three million subscribers, and he has fixed dates to eat delicious meals every day, according to the request of viewers. From "noodles" and 11 hot dog sandwiches per meal, yet it has a consistent body without any weight gain.
Eating in front of the camera is the primary function of Bans, so he exercises 8-10 hours a day.

As for the slender girl, Shugi, she is 153 cm tall and weighs 44 kg, and despite her extreme thinness, she is famous for eating dozens of packages of very hot noodles daily in the evening.
Some attributed the thinnest stars of "Mok Bang", despite eating huge amounts of fatty food daily, to following methods of disposing food immediately upon broadcasting the video by deliberately vomiting, while others questioned the fact that one person consumed these quantities, claiming that the videos were treated in a way that concealed The video hero does not address these items at the same time, but the live broadcast may strongly refute these allegations.
In the same context, the owners of these channels explain that the secret of thinness is exercising for long hours a day, and some do not pay much attention to that, so they do not follow any method of slimming or maintaining weight.

How to become a Mukbang celebrity?

Africa TV and similar platforms, not  only provide live streaming of food, but also everything imaginable such as playing music, singing or even photographing yourself while competing with friends in video games.
And you do not necessarily have to present eating offers on these platforms, you may be able to broadcast them live on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.
It requires that you be exposed to different challenges from the types of food at specific times daily, and what distinguishes the stars of these shows is the clarity of voice while tasting and chewing food, and perhaps impressions of admiring the good taste throughout the broadcast period, by installing a very sensitive microphone to capture the simplest sounds, despite the criticism not Koreans for this behavior, it is acceptable for some peoples to express their wonderful taste.

Making sounds during food goes back to another culture spread across YouTube called ASMR, which means enjoying the least sensitive sounds, such as the sound of leaves rubbing against each other, or cracking dry leaves.

Mukbang in America and the Arab world

The phenomenon of "Mokbang" transferred to American culture, and then the channels of eating spread through YouTube. The American Erik, owner of "Erik The Electric" channel, is an example of this, and his channel has achieved 147 million views within a few years.
Eric consumes American fast food daily, and also launches the calorie challenge every year, which began with the challenge of forty thousand calories in forty hours, until last year he presented the challenge of 100,000 calories in a hundred hours, which was followed by about 7.5 million viewers.
The phenomenon spread to the Arab world via YouTube, but with the flavor of Arab dishes such as dolma (various stuffing), lamb and kabsa.

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