Need additional income? Here are 9 ways to make money fast

Need additional income? Here are 9 ways to make money fast
In her report, published by the American magazine "Reader's Digest," author Brooke Nelson exposes simple and quick ways that will help you earn money whenever you need it.
1-  Turning your hobby into a business

If you care about design, try to establish your own business by making handmade items, such as jewelry and home decorations.

And if you frequent "scrap" stores, thrift stores or flea markets, you can buy some lighter hardware at affordable prices, improve it and sell it again.
2-  Selling your used items
The writer adds that after you finish cleaning your living room, you often discover that there are many items that are used very few times, or even those that are new and unopened.

.These items can be resold at a scrap garage or used bookstore

Also, websites such as "eBay" give you the opportunity to display your goods, sell them online, and make money quickly.
5-  Publishing and selling of photographs

If you have the talent for photography, a group of websites allow you to publish your photos and sell them online for a nominal price in order to make money quickly.

6-  Giving manual business services

Obtaining clients in the field of manual business services, such as mowing the lawn, washing cars or cleaning gutters, is very easy, and they are activities that facilitate the process of earning money.

In fact, some niche websites connect you with residents in your area who are willing to hire someone to accomplish a task.
This activity is profitable for both sides, since it helps one of the parties to spend their affairs and the other party to quickly win cash, says the writer.
7 - Teaching your talent to others
Teaching falls within the easy and multiple ways that help you earn money. They can offer music lessons for young musicians, or offer lessons for local students on prep exams or expertise subjects.
8-  Reselling unused gift cardsIf you have many unused gift cards, you can resell them on the sites designated for that in exchange for cash paid immediately.
9- Create a mobile
billboard Hanging billboards with advertising material on your car helps you to earn money.
All you have to do is send a few information, including the type of your car, your home address, the time you spend on your daily commute, as well as the distance you travel to the sites that deal with this field.
At a later stage, one of the advertisers will contact you and will pay you a fee to place a sticker promoting his trademarks on your car and tour it as usual. 

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