To reduce your bills ... Here are some successful methods of negotiating with companies

To reduce your bills ... Here are some successful methods of negotiating with companies

After people started working from their homes and spending long hours moving between rooms due to the new Corona epidemic, this period provided many of them with a good opportunity to contact basic services companies such as water, electricity, gas and internet, and negotiate lower prices.
Site suggests "Hare Mani" American (HerMoney) on people who are new methods of successful negotiation, a way to break free from the phobia of talks, including tips on the best way to present their arguments and the nature of the language in which they must use to convince the other party.

Look up competitors' prices beforehand

Before contacting service providers, you must first search for minutes through search engines for prices and competing offers, and there is another great strategy that you can follow by reviewing the prices and deals that your service provider offers to new customers to attract them, and you can use the information you have reached as a starting point and a goal for negotiation, then Dial the regular customer service phone number.

Start by thanking a company representative

When you ask someone to do their best to help you while it is technically easier for them to hold on to the current situation and end the call with you as quickly as possible, ask yourself: If you were in his place, how would you like to be treated?
And remember that this person is not synonymous with the company - he is just someone who works for it - say something like "Thank you very much for helping me..I'm very happy to talk to you..Let me brief you about the situation." Then go to the details of the story.
Keep your words offhand and brief enough to avoid delinquency into a boring rhythm, but I list enough details to help you and your addressee to establish a human relationship, as without the support of the company representative for your cause it will be difficult for you to make any progress.

Ask for a detailed explanation of your bill

Don't be shy, and ask for a detailed explanation of all the elements on your monthly bill. Negotiation and business consultancy expert, Devon Smiley, says she has seen this behavior work over and over with experienced clients.
The expert suggests that you should say phrases such as "I am not sure that I understand all of the items on my invoices this month .. Can you help me please so that I know how it rose so far?"
Sometimes, this can automatically lead to the company agent canceling some fees for you, as part of what is known as "customer loyalty enhancement procedures".

Ask about flexibility

After reviewing the details of your bill, you can say something like, "I wonder if there is any flexibility to reduce this amount ... Is this something you can help me with?"
Since your wording appears to be more of an invitation to discussion and not a proposal for a request, this can help both parties relax and make progress toward the desired goal.
Another important note, in the current context, you can mention the difficulties associated with the Corona epidemic, because some companies have support and assistance policies, which are only activated if the customer mentions this type of difficulty.

Mention that you searched for competing offers

To show that you have searched for the company's prices and offers, say a phrase such as "I saw that the company is currently extending the offers monthly ... I would like to pay the same amount." Newly joined clients.

Gently ask to speak to someone in authority

If during the call you are gentle but assertive, and you see that things are not going as planned, then there is a possibility that the person you are speaking to does not have the authority to make the changes you ask for.
Thank the company representative, then kindly ask him or her to speak with the supervisor who may be able to help you. If you do it right, you will not alienate the person who was helping you and you will also be able to follow your negotiation path with someone who can help you reach your goal.

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