Video and voiceover .. your way to profit online

Video and voiceover .. your way to profit online
Who among us has not read one of the conservative comments repeated by a wide range of users on the social networking site "Facebook ". Different people repeat the same comments that state: they were able to generate profit by downloading a smartphone application , or they won an iPhone by registering on a website.
First; Let me assure you that most of these comments are completely false; In fact, in many cases, their owners are only victims of fraud by a person or a site. Secondly; This does not mean, at all, that profit from the Internet is a myth or something that cannot be achieved. But the safe, secure and real ways and channels to bring in profit - of course - do not include those examples that we mentioned at the beginning of this report, and we have discussed the two most important methods during our previous report, which can be viewed from here:Blogging and Freelancing ... Your Way to Profit Online  As for here - in this second report - we will discuss how to achieve material income online by making video and voiceover.
About 12 years ago, on February 14, 2005, three former Paypal employees founded the video-sharing site YouTube, which was originally launchedfor online dating  , and then turned into a sharing site. video clips. [1]  On April 23, 2005, the first video was uploaded to the site; To attract -After one year of the company 's attention Atalagah- Google , whereupon it acquired in November 2006 for $ 1.65 billion Amir to while the current location of the market value of up to 104 billion dollars US(2) In the current year 2017; The number of YouTube users has reached over a billion and 300 million users around the world, who view nearly 5 billion videos per day.
The number of YouTube visitors is more than 30 million daily visitors, and the age of the most visited group ranges from 35 to 44 years. They constitute 26% of the total percentage of users. [3] Over the past three years, the revenues of Youtube partners have increased by 50% annually, but in 2015 the “Youtubers” stars - the most profitable - achieved a total income of about $ 54.5 million. As for profits and financial returns, they differ enormously between different countries of the world, specifically between the United States of America, Europe and the Arab world. The value of a specified number of views in the United States and Europe is much greater than the value of the same number if the viewers are from the Arab world. [4]
Over the past few weeks show site Socialtext Blade ( Password Social blade ) months wages "Aluotaubbers" and YouTube content makers in Egypt; As it displayed very huge numbers, which sparked many quarrels between the content makers whose earnings were shown, and between some news sites that reported the news; Most of them denied these huge numbers and showed the true percentages of their profits. [5] This confirms that the process of determining the profit is a difficult process subject to many and many criteria, according to the times of the year in which the videos are shared, the type of content that is shared, the geographical region of the audience, the type of interaction, property rights, and many other criteria. (6)
Thus, the process of making a profit from YouTube may be a1- simple process that requires some basic skills such as preparing appropriate content for the video, and the ability to use video editing and editing software; But the process of achieving huge profits is a challenge, especially in the Arab world, where the percentage of profits is less than the rest of the world, and therefore, to make a large profit - to some extent from YouTube - you must have a regular business plan and a solid editorial and marketing model. So, during this report, we will show the basic steps for making and sharing videos on YouTube, and put you on the path to making money through YouTube.
The types of video that you can produce differ, as well as how to2- shoot and prepare it, whether by using a good camera attached to your computer, or by using a professional camera if your physical capabilities allow it, or even by using a mobile phone camera. Before you start creating your videos, it is imperative that you define your area of ​​focus. If you have a lot of ideas that can be implemented, choose a topic from them carefully to start implementing it as your first video that you create and share; The video should address a specific topic that can be chosen according to your interest and passion or your field of expertise or study.
After selecting the topic you will be discussing; Jot down your thoughts and start writing the script (script) for the video that you will rely on - later - while making the video. The scenario must contain a message or a main point on which the video is based, then this main point is divided into a number of supporting sub-points arranged in a logical order, so each point is considered a paragraph that will be addressed during the filming of the video. After completing the script, read it out loud more than once and make sure that the text looks smooth and natural, then divide each paragraph into small parts; So that it is easy to memorize and explain well during the filming phase. [7] 
After defining the idea and writing the script comes the filming process. Before starting to shoot, it is imperative to choose a bright area for capturing the video. Where lighting is the most important factor in the photography process, even if the filming process is done using a modest camera. But remember to always place the light in front of you, not the other way around. Now you have several options for capturing your video, as we indicated in the previous paragraph.
One of the easiest and fastest options is to use a high-definition camera integrated into the computer. Just set the position of the camera and select the program you use in the shooting process, and start adjusting the settings and options for the camera and the sound; Such as adjusting the shooting angle, enhancing sound quality, reducing noise, etc. Then read the script of the video well again, bring it in front of you and start the process of shooting video, don't worry about mistakes; The video can then be edited and errors deleted. [7]
After completion of the preparation and filming phases; The stage of editing and editing on the video comes through the use of various programs devoted to this. You can use a paid program such as " Adobe Premiere", or use one of the free programs compatible with Microsoft computers such as " Windows Movie Maker " or compatible with computers.Appleis   like lmovi
Through this software, you will be able to remove errors from the video, delete the shots that it deems inappropriate, as well as make some quick adjustments, and include some additional shots or images if you want to. But try, as much as possible, to not be long enough for the video, make sure that it is between 10 to 15 minutes so that viewers do not get bored quickly.
Now - after the completion of filming and editing the content - the step to upload the video to YouTube comes. YouTube includes dozens of different video formats, and dozens of different sizes and dimensions; So it won't be difficult to upload your content. The maximum file size for a video that can be uploaded is 128GB which is a pretty huge number that won't pose any problem. The speed of the video upload process to your YouTube account depends on the size of the video file and your internet network. While uploading the video, enter various information about the video such as title, description, keywords and promotional words. The more information in the description of the video, the faster and easier the viewers ’access to it.
After uploading your video, you can use the site's built-in video editor to add some free audio, or to split the video into small clips and add an attractive caption to each part. The last step - after completing the upload of the video on the site - is to share it by emailing it to friends and family or embedding it on your website or blog on the Internet. [8] Of course, with the beginning of work you will notice that you are gradually developing, and over time your work will become more quality and professional; But if you want to do so from the beginning, you can learn the basics of creating your YouTube channel and how to maintain its prosperity through the free training course and educational lessons provided by YouTube through its content creation academy, which you can join from; Here .
right Now; It is assumed that you started on your own channel, kept uploading videos, and now have a network of subscribers to your private channel that generates reasonable numbers of views; So we come to the step of making a profit. The monetization process is done through YouTube through the YouTube Partner Program; Where you can learn about the profit business cycle in YouTube through the following video:
YouTube has set - at the moment - several conditions before starting a partnership to achieve financial returns, such as that the total number of views on your channel is not less than 10 thousand views; But you should have already passed this number. So, to start activating ads on your own channel, it is necessary to join  the YouTube Partner Programby creating a special account on Adsense from hereThen, link your YouTube channel to your AdSense account and start adjusting ads and profits settings through your personal YouTube account. In addition to that, your YouTube channel can be used to make money in many other ways. Such as promoting your website or blog through videos, or indirectly making profit through marketing your own products or even affiliate marketing for websites and products of different companies. It is also possible to learn about all the details of profit and how to achieve it from YouTube through the training course provided by the YouTube Creator Academy from here (9)

Voice comment
Voiceover differs from the rest of the ways in which you can make money online; Because voiceover depends primarily on talent, diligence and learning. Thus talent is the decisive factor in entering this field or not. But it is not the only factor for success. So, if you have the talent, you can strive to achieve the desired success, and then you can achieve an appropriate material income. 
Entering this field costs some initial expenses in order to acquire professional equipment, market yourself, etc. The audio commentary field contains many, many projects that you can work on and make profit through; From recording audiobooks, passing through animated films, or voiceover of various video clips, including commercial ones, to recording advertisements or accessing the radio, and starting work in radio recording. [10] 

Success in voiceover isn't just about experience, diligence and talent. It is imperative to possess many important skills; Such as possession of the language corner and familiarity with grammatical and linguistic rules and mastery of pronouncing letters from their correct exits. As well as knowing how to cut well the text, understanding the difference between pauses and mastering their use, in addition to a sense of the text, and diversifying the performance according to the situation that must be communicated to the listener. It is also necessary to master the handling of various audio equipment, recording and editing machines and software. To start in the field of commentary and voice acting, it is imperative to have several basic tools such as; The place designated for the recording process, and it must be equipped with sound-insulating surfaces, microphone and audio mixing and mixing equipment; In addition to a computer and the appropriate recording and editing program. (11)
Also, one of the basic steps - which is indispensable when entering the field of comment - is to find your own voice tag, of course you have an excellent voice; But it is necessary to find your own style that distinguishes you from any other method. You can reach this by starting to study the basics of voice acting, learning about the styles of people working in the same field, and starting with imitation, repetition, experiment, and innovation over and over until you arrive at your own style. [12] 
Now, after having the basic equipment, as well as the necessary skills and access to your own style, we will come to how to make a profit through the voiceover process; You can search for voice-related job opportunities through the various Arab and foreign freelance platforms from here. You can also search for suitable projects for you through the VoicePhone platform that provides audio services for advertisements, films and videos, as well as audio books, video games, advertisements, educational offers, and more. Just select the major you want to work in, and start looking for suitable opportunities for you from here . 
Appropriate job opportunities can also be obtained through the " Voice 123 " platform specialized in providing voice acting services, or through the " ACX " platform specialized in recording stories and novels as well as audio audio books. In addition, you can work in voiceover and convert read books to audio formats and start selling them on the appropriate Arabic platforms such as Fives or selling them on your website or blog on the Internet, and you can also sell them on some online stores such as Amazon and eBay . In addition to the possibility of selling them on the sites specialized in selling audio books on the Internet, such as " Overdrive " and the Apple store .

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